VIDEO: 'Chicago Fire’, 'SVU’, 'Chicago PD’ Massive Crossover Event

Three dramas combined forces Tuesday to kick off a massive crossover event. The teams from Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit intersect after it’s discovered that an arson bears key similarities to an unsolved SVU case. As the arson and rape victim remained clinging to life,Sergeant Olivia Benson traveled to Chicago in hopes of finally solving the decade old unsolved case.

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VIDEO: National Guard gathers near Baltimore stadium

The National Guard gather at M Bank Stadium in Baltimore. A spokesman for the National Guard Bureau, Rick Breitenfeldt, said that up to 2,000 airmen and soldiers from the Guard will be deployed in the city. Up to 5,000 Guardsmen are available.

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VIDEO: Baltimore aftermath: The damage left after protests

The morning after violent protests in Baltimore, firefighters, crews and neighbors worked to clean up the destruction left behind. Here’s a look at scenes from the street.

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VIDEO: X Ambassadors at Empire Garage – 03.20.2015

X Ambassadors slam through a heroic offering of power and emotion in this intense new Garage Gig.

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VIDEO: Taylor Swift: The Comedian?

Taylor Swift may have a music career that’s bigger than life, but lately she’s been showing off her comedy chops on Instagram. The 25-year-old songbird posted a hilarious video on Monday in which she tries, without success, to reason with a flock of sheep. “Here’s the thing,” Taylor tells the persistent sheep in the clip, as she waves her hands. “These are gestures; it’s not food.”

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VIDEO: Cee-Lo Green’s Return to 'The Voice’ Has Social Media Buzzing

Former coach and controversial celeb Cee Lo Green returned to The Voice as the advisor to Team Blake. Following felony charges brought against him in the fall of 2014, fans took to social media to express everything from delight to confusion to rage.

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VIDEO: Top 5 Lennon & Maisy Covers

Welcome to another episode of YouTube Sings! Today instead of our usual cover artists were breakin down our top five covers from the amazing duo, Lennon & Maisy!!

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VIDEO: Stephen Hawking Gives Hope to Zayn Malik Fans!

We have a feeling high schools and colleges are about to see an increase in Physics class registrations! Stephen Hawking proved he’s not only an astrophysicist, but he’s a comedian when answering a silly question at a lecture over the weekend. The guest asked the famous scientist what he thought the cosmological effect Zayn Malik leaving One Direction and breaking the hearts of millions of teenage girls around the world. Hawking responded, “Finally, a question about something important” and continued to explain that it is not out of the realms of possibility that there may be an alternate universe in which Zayn Malik is still a member of One Direction. Find out what else he said that will give hope to all teenage girls everywhere!

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VIDEO: Kim Kardashian Speaks On Bruce Jenner’s Transition

Now that Bruce Jenner’s interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer has aired, other members of the Jenner and Kardashian family are starting to weigh in. Kim Kardashian was on Today and talked about how they’re handling Bruce’s transition. Kardashian told Matt Lauer, “I think there still is an adjustment and there is family therapy and we’re really close. I see reports that say, you know, ‘This one doesn’t support him and this one’s over here and my mom feels this way.’ It’s all really so made up. We all really support him. Is it a hard adjustment? Yes.” When Matt Lauer asked for an example of something Bruce’s family has had to adjust to, Kardashian replied, “I mean even just the discussion, we have been talking to people from, you know, the GLAAD organization, and just different organizations on what do we call him? Do we say her or him? How do we be respectful?…Until that transition is done, we’ve learned that you do refer to him as ‘him.'” Kardashian then gave insight on how Bruce informed the family of the news, saying “There were lots of family meetings…There is hundreds of family meetings. We still have them. Say what you want about us, but we work out everything as a family and we have the best communication…” Lauer pointed out that Jenner is now going to be the subject of quite a bit of attention. Kardashian thinks Bruce is prepared for it, “I think he is ready for the challenge and ready to help other people’s lives that might be going through the same things that he’s going through. And that’s something that he’s really proud of and something that he is really ready to take on. And I’m really proud of him for that.”

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