StoneAge Thriller is the brain child of Anthony Ciarochi (a.k.a. Tony C), an award winning songwriter and acclaimed keyboardist from the Seattle area.

Tony spent his formative years on a riverboat known as ‘The Boatel’, on the Chena River in Alaska.  The lower decks of the boat had been converted to a restaurant and nightclub, while the upper decks were a notorious bordelo.  He says he only remembers the “pretty ladies who would sing to me as a kid.”  The actual boat was destroyed in a fire in 1969.


At fourteen, Tony started playing punk rock in the seedy bar on 4th street in Fairbanks.  “They were the worst of the worst.  Most of the audience was literally passed out, and occasionally someone would be stabbed or shot over some half empty bottle of rot-gut port, or this drug or that, who knows.”

At eighteen, a touring band from Seattle saw him play, and convinced him to move south.  Through the 80s and early 90s Tony played in some of the most popular bands in the Puget Sound area (look him up on  He soon became known for high energy live performances, and the often irreparable damage he would do to his keyboards.  “After a while, it became less about what I could play than what I could break.  I used to wear leather gloves with the fingertips cut off, because my knuckles would swell up from hitting the keyboards with the back of my fist. I got to the club early every night, just to fix what I’d broken the night before.  ”

Despite his stage antics (and getting an ‘F’ in Beginning Piano in college), Tony C is known to be an accomplished player, and has done music for cable TV shows, live stage productions, software companies, and has appeared on numerous recordings as both side and front man.  He has played with many notable musicians in the Seattle area and elsewhere, including current and former members of Yes, Bad Company, Heart, Spike & The Impalers, Moby Grape, The Grassroots, The Dan Reed Network, The Harry James Orchestra, Jimmie Rodgers, Bighorn, The Allies and others.

Until now, Tony’s original music has mostly been limited to studio recordings.  StoneAge Thriller finally brings his compositions to the live stage.  The band includes Izzy Parker on vocals, Steve Merriam on guitar, Jer Keller on drums, Phil Suggs on bass, Paul Sawtelle on sax and, or course, Tony on keyboards and vocals.  Together, they create a magical combination of bluesy power-pop that is exciting, unique, and totally infectious.